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Staff of Pacific Legal Group

Established in 1992, Pacific Legal Group, Thai FDA and MOA Registration and Clinical Research and Consumer Tests Specialists, has a multi-disciplinary staff of pharmacists, lawyers, agricultural regulatory consultants and supporting regulatory specialists .

The founder of Pacific Legal Group and its Managing Director is Paul G. Russell. Mr. Russell, a graduate of Harvard University Law School and a member of the New York Bar, has over 25 year's experience as a partner of leading law firms in the United PLG StaffStates.

Since 1991 Mr. Russell has worked in Thailand as counsel to foreign companies for regulatory matters relating to the Thai Food and Drug Administration and Ministry of Agriculture. Mr. Russell is the co-author of the Regulatory Overview for Thailand published online at the Global Counsel Handbook Web site.

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The staff of Pacific Legal Group is composed of pharmacists, lawyers, agricultural regulatory consultants and supporting regulatory specialists with extensive experience registering products with the Thai FDA and the Thai DOA. The staff has been specially organized to provide support services to professionals in the fields of health care, pharmaceutical, food, life science, medical device, cosmetic, biotechnology, animal and agri-health and other related industries. Pacific Legal Group's registration staff has extensive experience with completing all of the necessary forms required for FDA and MOA product registration.

The pharmacists and lawyers on Pacific Legal Group's staff also provide supporting regulatory services for clinical research and consumer tests projects and have special expertise in all of the regulations and procedures of the Thai FDA and the Ministry of Public Health which are applicable to consumer tests and clinical trials .

Over the years, the pharmacists, lawyers and agricultural regulatory consultants working for Pacific Legal Group have established excellent relations with the key decision makers at the Thai FDA and its supporting testing, science and medical research facilities as well as with the officials at the Thai MOA. They constitute the leading team of FDA and MOA registration specialists in Thailand.


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